Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church
Hilltown, PA


What It Is:

-       The Scrip Program purchases gift cards from retailers at a discount. In turn, when you purchase a gift card, you earn 70% of the discount offered by that retailer. The remaining 30% goes to operating costs and expenses of the program. Most Scrip programs only offer a 50/50 or less split with their families.

-       You purchase cards from us at face value – a $100 Giant card costs you $100.

-       If a retailer offers a 5% rebate, you earn 3.50% on your purchase and the program retains 1.50%. (5% rebate on a $100 Giant card earns you $3.50)

-       When you visit that store you use the gift card as your method of payment.


How Does It Benefit Me:

-    For every purchase you make from mid-April 2016 until Mid-April 2017, you earn Scrip credit that will be put towards your Tuition.   

-    The Scrip program will write a check to OLSH CCD in May for the amount of your credit. You would then be responsible for any remaining part of the tuition payment.

-    You may earn up to the full amount of your tuition payment. Anything over the full amount of your tuition payment will roll over to the following year unless you choose to donate it to OLSH parish, another family or the CCD program.


Where to Buy:

-    Cards can be purchased in the narthex of the Church every Saturday/Sunday (except holidays) after the 5 p.m., 8 a.m. and 9:30 Masses and before the 9:30 and 11:00 Mass.

-    AS OF JANUARY 1, 2017 – If placing an online order to pick up on your child’s class night, all orders must be placed by 5 PM Monday regardless of the night your child attends class.

SCRIP Links:
Contact Person:
Mrs. Rose Lamphere
Phone =  (215) 687-2902