Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church
Hilltown, PA

Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers
Rev. John D. Schiele  (215) 822-9224
The Altar Servers group is a ministry open to boys and girls who have attained at least the fifth grade in school and have received their First Communion. The altar servers act as acolytes to provide support and assistance at Mass and other special occasions as the need arises. Practice sessions are required before serving on the altar to learn the duties necessary.

Eucharistic Ministers
Rev. John D. Schiele (215) 822-9224
E-mail: olsh@comcast.net
Eucharistic Ministers serve the faith community by distributing the consecrated bread and/or wine to Parishioners during Mass and to visit our sick who unable to come to Mass.



Rev. John D. Schiele  (215) 822-9224

E-mail:  olsh@comcast.net

Ministers of the Word proclaim Scripture readings to the assembled faith community during the Liturgy. All Parishioners are welcome to become Readers. Individual training is provided for new Readers.


Mary Ann Janson (215) 822-9224
E-mail: majanson@comcast.net

Ushers are present at every Mass, greeting the congregation before and after Mass, assisting in the offertory collection, and ensuring a smooth procession for Communion.

Don DeLash  (215) 766-7798
E-mail: dondelash@comcast.net

Sacristans prepare the altar and sacred vessels before each Mass and other special occasions.



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