Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church
Hilltown, PA

Service and Outreach


Bereavement Support Group
Mary Ann Janson (215) 822-9224
E-mail: majanson@comcast.net
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart offers bereavement support for those parishioners experiencing the loss of loved ones. We offer two different ways of free services:


  • Bereavement Groupis a gathering of people seeking to address their grief with the support of others also experiencing grief. The group offers two 8-week sessions, in the spring and fall. This group is designed for anyone experiencing grief. Anyone can begin attending a session at anytime or stop at any time.


  • Bereavement Support Program is a one-on-one service. This is for grieving people who are not comfortable in a group setting or are not able to find a suitable group setting. This is NOT counseling. In this program, facilitators stay in touch with people in grief by phone and/or provide information, literature, or other sources on the grieving process.
Sara Saverese (215) 822-6683
Certain situations in life such as illness, loss of job, or a death in the family cause hardships in people's lives that can be minimized with acts of kindness. Taking time to relieve a caregiver, providing companionship to the elderly, furnishing transportation to Mass or the doctors, and cooking a meal are ways to lessen the burden of a parishioner in need. If you would like to help, you may pick up foil trays in the Meeting Room of the Church (behind the altar). For soup, please use a plastic container.
Food Drive
Gary & Pat Schoenenberger (215) 230-8897
The seniors' charitable endeavors include collecting both perishable and non-perishable food donated by parishioners at the Church every first Sunday of the month, and distributing the food to the needy when needed, but especially at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
Church Library
Our Church library is open to everyone. The library is located in the Meeting Room of the Church (behind the altar). Books, DVD, and videos may be borrowed for a two week period. The library provide materials which will strengthen the educational work of our church, increase our knowledge of our own faith, enrich our worship and prayer life, and provide information on spreading and living the Word of God.
Advent Giving Tree
Monica Becker (215) 257-0277
With the help of our Seniors Group, this program helps our parishioners with gift ideas (written on paper angels) of items needed by the less fortunate to foster the spirit of giving during Christmas time.